The Train Goes on

If you want to see a show of people crying, you can go to the train station, so much sadness in train station, 5 minutes before the train arrives, the show will begin. The cries and hugs are a must part of the show. yaa stations or airports are always a place for saying goodbye. I find myself sitting on a bench, watching the trains pass by, one flies into life, the other hurries away from it. If I catch one train, I just want to write. that is my life.

My brain knew exactly the words I planned to say, my mind knew that it will be okay, my mouth was poised and ready to speak, yet my heart was frozen in place. Dude.. If you tell me you’re leaving, I’ll make it easy, it’ll be okay. Would we be better off by now??

The last few weeks have been tough on me, a lot of things have made me sit for hours just thinking about something I shouldn’t have thought about, feeling useless, and feeling insignificant. The worst thing is that I think I don’t have any happiness. But today I’m sure I’ll find happiness, the train goes on right?

If the train doesn’t stop at your station,
Then it’s not your train.
-Marianne Williamson



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